Call for nominations for the top 100 Girls in Tech in the UK

Who deserves your vote?

Last year we announced the top 100 women in technology in Europe. This year we’re looking even closer to home to name the top 100 women right here in the UK. The brief? To find, name and celebrate the best female innovators and leaders in technology market.

She could be a start up CEO, a journalist, an investor or someone who’s just beginning to make waves. We want the mavericks, the leaders, the connectors and the industrious.

Calling all those outside the M4! We know it’s not just London that has the talent. There are amazing women across the country so send in your suggestions. We are actively looking for nominations from Edinburgh, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and across the UK.


Nominations will be open until June 30, 2013. The FINAL list will be announced in July.

Your nomination will also go towards the Girls in Tech Top 100 Europe list which will be open for nominations shortly.

Good luck!

The Girls in Tech UK Team

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